Day 15 → "Your favourite on-screen kiss." 

This is hands down my favourite. Every time I see this scene, my heart melts. It’s so sweet and tender at first, but then it becomes more intense. Any girl I’m sure would love to have a kissing scene like this sometime in their life - I know I do. 

Day 14 → "Your favourite photo of River portraying Chris Chambers."

I like this photo of Chris Chambers because the character itself looks so happy. It’s always nice to see him with a smile on his face - especially coming for a bad family life. Here he is, having a good time with his friends, no one else to tell them what to do - free. 

Day 13 → "Your favourite candid photo of River" 

I don’t exactly have a reason as to why this is my favourite candid. I think that candid photos are adorable because it shows how people really are, and I find them more fun/active rather than some photo that’s posed (not that posed photo’s aren’t pretty or anything). 

t’s a great feeling to think that I can be a friend to so many people through my movies.

River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton in Running On Empty, 1988

Day 12 → “5 things you love most about River” 

Okay so let me just clarify that I love everything about River. But here’s just some of them in a certain order. One: The love that he had for animals and the environment will always be a huge reason as to why I love River the way I do. Two: Obviously, River is extremely handsome…he has that smoldering look. His eyes, mouth, hair, nose, his voice - oh, that voice! -…everything about him screams beautiful and sexy! Three: Uhm hello, his talent of course!? River is so versatile and can play just about anyone/anything when on screen. Not only is River a talented actor, but he’s also a talented singer/song writer and musician (being able to play more than just the guitar); he’s incredibly multi-talented. Four: His caring and sweet nature is beautiful. He is so shy in some interviews, it just makes me wanna hold him. So many people he worked with said how kind-heart’d and lovely he was to work with. River could also be goofy and funny which makes everything about him even more perfect. Five: I had to say his body - I think his body is just completely gorgeous and perfect in every way. Let’s all face it; River is perfection - plain and simple.

I never thought I could make it as a real model. You know, fashion-oriented modeling. ‘Cause I’m better at full-body poses. It’s all right so long as the photographer doesn’t come on to you and expect something for nothing. I’m trying to make a living. I like to have a professional attitude. Of course, if the guy can pay me, then hell yeah. Here I am for him. I’ll sell my ass. Do it on the street occasionally for cash. Or I’ll be on the cover of a book. It’s when you start doing things for free that you start to grow wings.

River Phoenix as Chris Chambers

→ Stand By Me


"I sometimes lie, especially about personal things, because what does it matter? I am a kind of minute commodity, my name is no longer my own."